Saturday, June 19, 2010

goody, will and I just had some dank beer at flathead lake brew co. bogachillm. now to west glacier.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Palouse Falls to Heyburn State Park tru Moscow

Reverse order blah blah blah... View from our campsite at Heyburn State Park in Idaho
Our first few miles on the Couer D'Alenes trail. So smooth and gradual, awesome riding
The Food Co-op in Moscow, where our gracious hosts worked, as well as Ed and Kim from back in Potsdam when they lived out here. We stocked up on healthy eats and delicious bakery products.
Shadow-Riders. We broke off from the girls at Colfax and dipped down into Moscow Idaho
We caught up with the girls on our ride from Palouse Falls to Colfax. Dan pulling the train at 24 mph helped.

A few more pics from the journey from Palouse Falls to where we camped at Heyburn State Park in Idaho. We watched the dry farm/desert landscape change back again into green grassy fields and ultimately hilly forest. The Northwest is such dynamic country. Great warm weather on these days. It went by too quickly. The morning we woke up in Heyburn to do another mountain pass it was raining and the grey cloud stuck around until today (but my sleeping bag stayed as dry as central Washington, mother). More on the epic trek into Montana later.

Photo Update 4

A few Photos between Vantage, WA and Palouse Falls, WA
Sorry, these (like in previous post) are in reverse chronological order.
Our campsite at Palouse Falls State Park.
Carrie, hiking up the crevase at the end of the trail from the bottom of the canyon.

Me, halfway up the canyon. Falls in front, we went swimming in the pool below.

Canyon at Palouse Falls. We hiked down to the bottom.

On the road to Palouse Falls State Park.

Some pictures after leaving Leavenworth up to Vantage, WA.

My campsite on the Columbia, Vantage, WA.
Will and Dan in the cold Columbia River.
Me looking real sexy

En Route to Vantage, WA.

Found a cave way up a rocky hill 10 miles west of Quincy.

Yellow Marmot on the bikepath an hour or two after leaving Leavenworth.

Videos in Steven's Pass

Part of the ascent of Steven's Pass 6/9/2010.

Descending the eastern side of the cascade mountains, about 30 miles downhill. A nice sunny cruise into Leavenworth. 6/9/2010.

Just a couple of videos from a little over a week ago from our time in the Cascades.

reverse order, sorry.

riding down out of leavenworth with Atiyeh and Kruse (the girls) with us for the first time. Nice down hill ride with rapidly changing countryside
Those who are over 21 rewarded themselves after a long day over Steven's Pass

The mountains we just came through skirted Leavenworth. Beautiful

Rolling down off the pass at an easy pace with the thundering Wenatchee River on our right. Some of my favorite riding yet.

On the top of Steven's Pass after a nicely graded climb. Just over 4000 feet. I am posing smartly

As part of the continued effort to catch up on pictures and updates here are the pics from the top of Steven's Pass and the town of Leavenworth. I have already said a bit about Leavenworth and the generosity of Luke and Stephanie in an earlier post. Beautiful area and the ride out of there the next day was great. The landscape changed so dramatically and by the time we camped that night in Vantage, Washington we were in the dry Columbia River valley. This place had western movie written all over it. Pics to follow in the next post.

Photo Post #1 from Polson

Here are the first round of photos coming from Gary's (Dan's uncle) here in Polson.
These are in reverse order so bear with me.

On the main road (route 2) with about 5 miles to Steven's Pass Miles earlier.... Old Cascade Highway provided car-free travel for a few miles during our accent

Our journey east on Route 2 begins on a rainy morning in Everett

2 days prior to leaving Everett we ride of a the Olympic Discovery Bike Path

Miles earlier we begin our journey out of Port Angeles with local guide Jay

Looking back on these earlier days is already like looking into the distant past. From Port Angeles and after our lastish start because of brief bike troubles, we met up with Jay a local from Sequim who had nighted in Port Angeles and happened to be traveling our way for the next 30 miles or so. He took us on a bike path which skirted the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We lunched in an Indian Reservation and had to pedal quickly to catch both of our respective ferries to and from Whidby Island. After a great stay Dan and Robin as described by Dan earlier we headed out to Steven's Pass, combining 2 days in to 1 for an epic 110ish mile day into Leavenworth. Photos of the pass and Leavenworth are soon to follow.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


108 miles into Polson.
Wet cold hungry
Tomorrow: blog updates, bike maintainance, world cup, feed.
made it to polson
Feeding Montana style in Thompson Falls. Went over a snowy Coopers pass,5802 ft, then to the Wild Coyote Salooon in Sourdough where we were welecomed to Montana by proprieter and sage Wayne.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is America? Cooking pancakes over an open fire? We rode from Moscow to lake Couer d'alene, tommorow over and out of Idaho to Thompson Falls, MT over 4800'

Moscow (Idaho)

We just spent a night with a friend of a friend just over the Idaho border in Moscow. Located near two 10,000 + student universities it was a last stop for us to get luxury items, which we certainly did. We picked up 100$ of groceries and amenities from the Moscow co-op, while Goody and Dan each bought ukaleles.

Some family friends from Potsdam used to live in Moscow and were able to hook us up with a back yard to crash in as well as a daughter to show is the town and teach us about Idaho. A late start today, but only 65 miles to ride. Tomorrow is Thompson's pass and Montana!

Thanks Ed and Kim for the networking!
And thanks Maryjo and Randy for the campsite!!

More from Montana and hopefully pictures soon!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Colfax, WA 6/14/2010

Rolled into Colfax at about 1:30 pm pacific time, 70 miles so far today and everyone is feeling great. We're going to hang out in town for a few hours, fuel up, and stop by the post office. We may bike into Idaho today, depending on what everyone wants to do.

The last couple days since Orthello have been beautiful, the road from Orthello to Palouse Falls State Park was shrubland-steppe/prairie ecosystem, very sunny and hot. Besides wheat fields, most of the vegetation were small bushes, predominantly sagebrush, and a bit of grass. Almost looked like a desert. Not what I had expected in eastern Washington!

It was about 100 miles from vantage to the state park, and we got there at about 7:30pm, and stayed an extra day just to check out the park. The park was a huge gorge and waterfall with tons of unprotected easy accessable trails. We hiked down to the bottom of the falls through a crevasse and a very steep trail, and went swimming. An added plus, we found a someone's wallet and called him to return it last night. He drove in 70 miles to pick it up and brought us Ice Cream and Beer. Success! The library we're in right now does not have a card reader. But we will post some pictures as soon as we find them.

Morale is high and we are ready for Idaho and Montana.

Goin' to Montana soon!