Saturday, June 5, 2010


Relaxing near Forks, WA. Just made our official start at the Pacific with a day of ocean fun intertwined with 65 miles of riding.  To Forks tomorrow for breakfast!!!!!!!!! Then to port angeles

6/5 update

Goody's hammock at lake Quinault
Sunset at Lake Quinault
Remnants of a Double Chuckwagon Yak-burger

Beverage break on the way to Lake Quinault

D-Line from Mima Falls Campground in Capitol Forest

We had a great day on friday from mima falls to lake quinault. We started the day through the capitol forest on a great forest road thanks to the advice of a friendly prison guard. We ate lunch at the rusty tractor in Elma. We all indulged on yak burgers, it was feed. Afterwords we had a beautiful but windy ride through the wynoochee valley. The last 25 miles on 101 were a struggle, but it made the view of lake quinault that much better. We seemed to have timed our ride perfectly as the skies have broken and today we have nothing but sun for our ride on the coast to bogachiel state park (hot showers). The next day we will travel through Forks to get our Twilight fix, and then make our way through Port Angeles and camp at Sequim bay. We will post more later, we have figured out how to post legible blog posts as opposed to the gibberish that appeared before. Werk.
its a great morning at lake quinault. looks like my previous blog posts havent been working.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

made it to mima falls campground. 115 miles from portland. we feasted.
just fixed my first flat of the trip outside kelso. these roads arent too bike friendly
stretching and eating energy chunks on the side og highway 30

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grand Forks, ND to Sault Saint Marie, MI/ON

Planned route from Grand Forks, ND to Sault Saint Marie, MI/ON. There are alot of lakes and alot of forest to camp in along this route. This route mostly follows the northern tier of the upper peninsula of michigan, and the last couple days are shorter rides, so there is definitely room for exploring in here.

Day 1 .....Grand Forks, ND to Lake Bemidjii State Park. This is a long stretch, 120 miles, but I'd like to try it if we're all feeling good this day, as there aren't many good places to set up camp along this stretch. The route is completely flat, so it shouldn't be too bad. Route 2 is a 4 lane here, but the shoulder looks plenty big enough for bikes.

Day 2 ....Scenic, winding road with lots of lakes to Grand Rapids, MN. There are a bunch of options for camping, but Itasaca County Fairground looks like the best bet because its just outside of town. Easy flat 70 miles.

Day 3 ....Mostly Route 2 from Grand Rapids, MN to Amnicon Falls State Park, MI. Just under 100 miles.

Day 4 ....Route 2 turns back into a 2 lane. Take this to state route 122 to the shore of Lake Superior at Little Girl's Point. Route is just under 90 miles.

Day 5 ....Head east on State Route 28. Stay anywhere in Ottawa National Forest, plenty of places to set up camp. 75 -100 miles.

Day 6 ....Stay on Route 28. Ride east to Marquette. There are a bunch of small parks we can stay at around Marquette. Presque Isle State Park looks cool, and has dense woods on the interior where we can camp.

Day 7 .....Follow the shoreline up to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. 12 Mile Beach State Campground has sites right on the lake. 83 miles.

Day 8 ....Short 61 mile ride east to Tahquamenon Falls State Park. There is a campground, or we could just set up anywhere in the woods. There is a microbrewery located in the park.

Day 9 .......70 mile ride to Sault Saint Marie/Canadian Border. We can find a place to stay in the US, or cross the border where we'd probably have more camping options.

Polson MT-->> Grand Forks ND

I am doing the second leg of the trip starting from Polson and continuing to around Grand Rapids MN. There are not too many choices of roads for this region, especially if we want to stick to paved ones. We will look to the locals for guidance a lot here for tips of where route 2 isn't the best option. I am not including rest days, and many of these days could be doubles up if the weather and our muscles allow it.

Day 1 Junction where we can either do Glacier National Park or go to the South. Penultimate day in the mountains. There is a campground called Lake Five resort, but it is reportedly small and overpriced (40$). There is also a KOA nearby. In hungry horse which is 5-6 miles from west glacier (closer) there are more campgrounds. This seems like a good night to throw up the tent somewhere off the road as we are in a National Forest.
Day 2 only 68 miles if we don't go through Glacier. Group could convene back in Browning. Sleeping wolf campground is just west of browning on route 89
Day 3- Day 4 This is some of the most desolate shit I've ever seen
Day 5 Restaurants and campgrounds seem to be in supply
Day 6 Restaurants available in Glascow along with campgrounds. 19 miles away there is a big ass lake, with possible campground. Again, very rural through here. However it could be an alright spot for a rest day. Lake, bars, food, etc….
Day 7- Day 8 Biking along the Missouri
Day 9- Day 10- Day 11 A 280 mile section that should be doable in 3 days
Day 12 Into or past Grand Forks
I am responsible for planning the route from Everett, Wa to Polson, MT, where I have family.
Here is a the day by day schedule we will follow.
6/9 Everett, Wa to Deception Falls, State Campground
6/10 to Leavenworth, Wa
6/11 to Potholes Resevoir
6/12 to Palouse Falls State Park
6/13 Rest at Palouse State Falls
6/14 to Colfax, Wa through the Palouse
6/15 to Heyburn State Park, ID with a stop on the way at Steptoe Butte State Park
6/16 to Kingston, ID on Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes
6/17 to Thompson Falls, Mt over Thompson Pass
6/18 to Polson, Mt
6/19 rest in Polson
From Polson we will head north and link up with route 2 again and hope to ride the Going-to-the Sun Road through Glacier National Park. From there on we will travel route 2 through

Olympic Trip

Willy, Peter, Goody and I are meeting up in Millersylvania on 6/3 and taking a trip around the olympic peninsula before we meet up with Carrie and Ashley in Everett at the start of highway 2.

6/4 to Lake Quinault
6/5 to Bogachiel State Park
6/6 to Sequim Bay State Park
6/7 to Everett, Wa
6/8 rest in Everett, Wa

Manifest Destiny

This is a blog that will attempt to inform anyone who is interested in my bike trip this summer. I am leaving from Portland on 6/3 and eventually will be in my hometown of Potsdam, NY in late July or early August. I am meeting up with three others in Millersylvania State Park on 6/3.
Here is my route to millersylavania state park from portland.
I will be able to send updates from the blog with texts, and we can also post our location via the Iphone app "Here I am."

Here is a spreadsheet of the part of the route that I was responsible for creating.