Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Polson MT-->> Grand Forks ND

I am doing the second leg of the trip starting from Polson and continuing to around Grand Rapids MN. There are not too many choices of roads for this region, especially if we want to stick to paved ones. We will look to the locals for guidance a lot here for tips of where route 2 isn't the best option. I am not including rest days, and many of these days could be doubles up if the weather and our muscles allow it.

Day 1 Junction where we can either do Glacier National Park or go to the South. Penultimate day in the mountains. There is a campground called Lake Five resort, but it is reportedly small and overpriced (40$). There is also a KOA nearby. In hungry horse which is 5-6 miles from west glacier (closer) there are more campgrounds. This seems like a good night to throw up the tent somewhere off the road as we are in a National Forest.
Day 2 only 68 miles if we don't go through Glacier. Group could convene back in Browning. Sleeping wolf campground is just west of browning on route 89
Day 3- Day 4 This is some of the most desolate shit I've ever seen
Day 5 Restaurants and campgrounds seem to be in supply
Day 6 Restaurants available in Glascow along with campgrounds. 19 miles away there is a big ass lake, with possible campground. Again, very rural through here. However it could be an alright spot for a rest day. Lake, bars, food, etc….
Day 7- Day 8 Biking along the Missouri
Day 9- Day 10- Day 11 A 280 mile section that should be doable in 3 days
Day 12 Into or past Grand Forks


  1. Hey good luck guys. Have a great time.

  2. I'm so excited this is finally becoming a reality. Stay warm at the start:)