Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photo Update - Fergus, ON - Ithaca, NY

Dam at 6 mile creek. Highest jumping point.

Sheep and Trellis reunion. Hiking to the dam from sheep's apartment.

Hangin' out at 6 mile creek, Ithaca, NY

El Casa de Sheep-A-Deep

Sheep and Trevor in one day!? Plus two cyclists from belgium biking from NYC to Argentina. Incredible.

rThe pack rides on the Canal path. David rides his last leg of the trip with us to Seneca Falls, NY. We had a great time riding the past 700 miles with David.

More bikepath.

Erie Canal Bikepath somewhere between Lockport and Rochester.

Cinder surface was great for cycling.

Switching back and front tires after the dollar bill I had used to remedy my torn tire bead had bulged out too far. Put this tire in the front where there is less weight and put 6 bills in instead of one to hold the pressure. Got me to Rochester where I bought new tires.

Dollar bills work surprisingly well.

Hiking along the Niagara Escarpment the morning before we depart for Rochester.

Bikepath on Lake Ontario brought us to the falls.

Crossing the Canal via drawbridge.

Stopping for some local delicious apricots and peaches near Niagara Falls in Ontario.

Back to the USA! Customs did not particularly have a sense of humor.

Bittersweet Niagara Falls.

First glimpses of Lake Ontario in Burlington, ON. Campsite for the night was right here on the beach.

Hangin' out in Steve's Casa, Fergus, ON. We thoroughly enjoyed his place.

Epic lighting = Epic disc throwing. Durham, ON.

Beautiful sunset in Durham after thunderstorms.

Again. Durham was a beautiful place after the storm.

Photos are in reverse chronological order.

From far and wide

After Serpent River we found a roadside (illegal) campsite in an First Nation (Native American Reservation) just north of Little Current. From there we crossed a small bridge which separates the island from the mainland.

Days earlier on one of the first days biking with my father my mom bumped into a family friend from Potsdam who happened to have a sister with a camp on the island. A quick phone call to Judy and Chuck, and we were set up with a place to stay and a terrific guide. On the island we found a terrific hike with the help our newly made friends, Judy and Chuck. The hike traveled along and over the middle of the Niagara Escarpment which also is the geological structure responsible for Niagara Falls.
The MS Chi-Cheemaun delivered us to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula in just under 2 hours. We traded stories with a fellow traveler from the Isle of Man who was just over half-way through his solo journey across Canada. Excessive linkage!!!
Bike maintenance was greatly needed for Dan's Back wheel as posted earlier. One of the spokes pulled through the frame completely and others were very close. The bike persevered however and was ridden all the way to a great bike store in Owen Sound.

I'm signing out for now, many more posts are scheduled for tonight.

The True North strong and free!

Goody courageously leaps into a pool near Whitefish Falls
The remains of an old pump house provide the ideal pace to reflect on the progress of man
David makes the plunge
Jacques Cousteau couldn't get this low

From earlier; our ride on the Lee Valley Road from Spanish (where we enjoyed breakfast at a Dixie Lee) to Espanola was scenic. Large thunder to the North provided us with a little extra kick to our cycles.

Before we crossed over...

I present some long awaited photos. We begin above with a roadside view of scenic upper peninsula of Michigan.
mmm... hmm... love those white sand beaches...

Yes this picture speaks for itself. We were delighted by the beauty of Superior as we said goodbye to the US of A with one last dash from a shy sun.

Heading over the bridge we came across a strange land...
Canada. What to think of this place?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Post from Ithaca, NY!!!

Hello from New York everybody! We actually made it to this state after all. Deepest apologies for the lack of blog maintenance recently. We have been computerless for a few days, but no longer. Tonight until the end of the trip we have places to stay INDOORS with friends and relatives. It's good to be in familiar territory again. Tonight we are staying in Ithaca with Sheep, a friend of Goody. We are 3 days of riding and one day of rest away from the Big Apple and are all feeling happy to be (back) in NY.

From the location of our last blog post we have come a couple hundred miles and are now within 200 miles of the city. We last left you all in Fergus, Ontario after refreshing ourselves at the abode de Steve. From there we hit it hard to get to Hamilton on the coast of lake Ontario. After biking through the crowded Friday night downtown scene of Hamilton we slept on the beach of Ontario (the last great lake we would see on our tour). From Hamilton we beasted to the famous Niagra Falls! There we soaked in the kitchy tourist crap surrounding the falls and tried hard not to let it ruin those beautiful phenomena of nature (it still kind of did though, truly an American tragedy). We also got to enjoy an awesome Indian buffet on the American side of town; one of the best meals of the trip in my book.

After camping in the woods (somewhat illegally) of a state park north of town we hit the road once again with Brighton, a suburb just south of Rochester, in our sights. We took the Erie Canal bike path right along the old Erie Canal which was great. Well packed trail next to the famous canal that connected Victorian America. Awesome riding and no hills to boot. We made it to Rochester eventually, although the ride turned out to be 20 miles longer than expected. No worries though because Goody's friend from Binghamton, Mark, hooked us up with a backyard to crash in. Last night we would have to sleep in tents assuming our plans went accordingly (this is particularly exciting for me because my tent poles have been broken and I am sick of standing my tent up with sticks).

From Rochester we began a phase of light riding and rest days that we are still in today. We rode an easy 55 miles to Seneca Falls where we stayed with Will's Grandpa Frank. He cooked us Italian Sausage and grilled peppers! We said goodbye to David from there who put up with us for 10 days. One of the best parts of the trip! Thanks for accompanying us and lending us your wisdom and "maintenance". It was awesome to have you!

Anyway, from Seneca Falls we just had to go an easy 35 miles to Ithaca where we planned on chilling for the afternoon (a town worth chilling in). The easy 35 turned out to be a killer fast 35 because we were stoked about the short distance and decided to book it. Goody and Will averaged 19 mph to win the time trial with me coming in third averaging about 17 mph. Dan and Aidan had the brains to chill and enjoy the ride. They stopped for cider tasting and ice cream and were actually smiling when they rolled in to meet us exhausted types in Ithaca.

So here we are enjoying a relaxing evening with friends. Tomorrow we go to Binghamton where Will, Goody, and I go to school. Should be a good time! Can't get pics loaded now but they will come soon. Stay tuned for the final bit of our trip!


A big thanks to the 5 riders

This is your big adventure, and I really appreciate that you let me join in for part of it. I admire what you've done, and think what you're experiencing will inform and enhance the rest of your life. Good luck on the remainder of the trek. I look forward to talking it over when I see you again. Have a great time of the rest of the summer.