Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photo Update - Fergus, ON - Ithaca, NY

Dam at 6 mile creek. Highest jumping point.

Sheep and Trellis reunion. Hiking to the dam from sheep's apartment.

Hangin' out at 6 mile creek, Ithaca, NY

El Casa de Sheep-A-Deep

Sheep and Trevor in one day!? Plus two cyclists from belgium biking from NYC to Argentina. Incredible.

rThe pack rides on the Canal path. David rides his last leg of the trip with us to Seneca Falls, NY. We had a great time riding the past 700 miles with David.

More bikepath.

Erie Canal Bikepath somewhere between Lockport and Rochester.

Cinder surface was great for cycling.

Switching back and front tires after the dollar bill I had used to remedy my torn tire bead had bulged out too far. Put this tire in the front where there is less weight and put 6 bills in instead of one to hold the pressure. Got me to Rochester where I bought new tires.

Dollar bills work surprisingly well.

Hiking along the Niagara Escarpment the morning before we depart for Rochester.

Bikepath on Lake Ontario brought us to the falls.

Crossing the Canal via drawbridge.

Stopping for some local delicious apricots and peaches near Niagara Falls in Ontario.

Back to the USA! Customs did not particularly have a sense of humor.

Bittersweet Niagara Falls.

First glimpses of Lake Ontario in Burlington, ON. Campsite for the night was right here on the beach.

Hangin' out in Steve's Casa, Fergus, ON. We thoroughly enjoyed his place.

Epic lighting = Epic disc throwing. Durham, ON.

Beautiful sunset in Durham after thunderstorms.

Again. Durham was a beautiful place after the storm.

Photos are in reverse chronological order.

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