Friday, July 9, 2010

Upper Peninsula Update!

Campsite on the lake.

Cenex! Although disgusting, keeping us alive through long stretches of road since Montana.

Beautiful country in the U.P.

Bike path next to Superior in Marquette, MI.


Could not ask for a better sunset.

No Bikes?!

Amnicon Falls, WI. Went swimming under the falls. It sucks you down 10 feet and spits you back out into a wall on the other side.

We found Dan sleeping here on the side of the road after he decided to get on the road a little earlier than the rest of us.

Super sexy workout on the train tracks. This picture is from a while back in the plains, but I had to put it up.

A view from the cockpit.

Enjoying the U.P. so far. Beautiful country out here. Nice people. "Yoopers" as they are called. We rolled into Michigan a couple days ago and are now in Munising. After a night of sleeping and cooking like bums on the concrete behind a grocery store, we found one of the most beauiful campsites we've had on the trip thus far last night. A small clearing among a patch of pines on the side of the bank up from a beach on Lake Superior. Had clear views of the stars and lake last night from my hammock which was strung over the side of the bank.

We got to the beach with plenty of daylight last night and went swimming. The lake was the perfect temperature and crystal clear. Perfect after a hot day of riding. Everything about superior feels like the ocean except for a lack of salty smell. One of the most incredible sunsets we've seen yet last night. We will be going for another swim today in Munsing and either possibly follow the coast along the Pictured Rocks Nat'l Shoreline, or just stay on 28 to Sault St. Marie.

We're all feeling good despite mild colds among the group. 128 miles on Wednesday. 108 yesterday. Hopefully 90-100+ today. YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHHHH.

We're finally starting to figure out at least partially what a bike is.

Munising, MI 7/9/10

Just rolled into town here in Munising, MI after an easy 35 mile ride from camp this morning. Our plans for the rest of the day are unclear as yet. The debate is whether to push onward and meet up with David sooner or add a few more miles onto our trek and see some of the real beauty of the UP... decisions decisions. So far, our experience in the UP has been awesome. Good smooth roads with wide shoulders and rolling hills that are actually fun to bike on. Our camp last night was probably the best one of the trip because it was right on the beach by Lake Superior. Beautiful clear, cool water for swimming and bratwurst's by camp fire for dinner. That's going to be hard to beat.

We will see where we go from here but either way this may be our last stop at computers for a couple days. We will update when we can. Peace and Love

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coming soon - Stage Canada

The plan is still for me to join the intrepid riders somewhere east of Sault Ste. Marie. I'm counting on the train getting me as far as Sudbury by Friday morning. When the eastbound team reaches Espanola, ON, we'll head south across Manitoulin Island and ferry down to the Bruce Peninsula. Working our way south across Ontario, but staying west of the Toronto region, we should find ourselves near Niagara Falls toward the end of next week. My thought as of now is to follow the Erie Canal bike trail until we're just north of Willie's grandfather's home in Seneca Falls. He'll be expecting us. From there on.... yet to be envisioned.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The haunted Grainery of Knox, ND

Sketchy ladder to the top

ND can be beautiful when you aren't riding through extreme head winds

the room at the top of the ladder. Raccoons seem to chill here


Will, Aidan, and myself went exploring in an old abandoned grainery in a ghost town in ND. It hadn't been used since I was born. Pretty cool old building though. We climbed up an impressive ladder to get to the top of one of the buildings. Some solid 'sploring.

Some Overlooked Photos from the past week or so

4th of July riding, feeling more than a little bit American
My entrance into the Mississippi on our 4th of July 102-miler.
Aidan's entrance shows off his vertical skills.

Pete's tan is looking nicer than ever.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Independence Day report
Biked over a hundred to just south of grand rapids
Along the way we
Chilled at some lakes
Jumped into the Mississippi from a 15 foot bridge
Hauled about twenty two mph for a good stretch then...
It hit us.
This is America
Had some mushroom pizzas that fueled us to epic frisbee and fireworks.
Trust me, it was a sight to see
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