Friday, June 18, 2010

Palouse Falls to Heyburn State Park tru Moscow

Reverse order blah blah blah... View from our campsite at Heyburn State Park in Idaho
Our first few miles on the Couer D'Alenes trail. So smooth and gradual, awesome riding
The Food Co-op in Moscow, where our gracious hosts worked, as well as Ed and Kim from back in Potsdam when they lived out here. We stocked up on healthy eats and delicious bakery products.
Shadow-Riders. We broke off from the girls at Colfax and dipped down into Moscow Idaho
We caught up with the girls on our ride from Palouse Falls to Colfax. Dan pulling the train at 24 mph helped.

A few more pics from the journey from Palouse Falls to where we camped at Heyburn State Park in Idaho. We watched the dry farm/desert landscape change back again into green grassy fields and ultimately hilly forest. The Northwest is such dynamic country. Great warm weather on these days. It went by too quickly. The morning we woke up in Heyburn to do another mountain pass it was raining and the grey cloud stuck around until today (but my sleeping bag stayed as dry as central Washington, mother). More on the epic trek into Montana later.

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