Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Moscow (Idaho)

We just spent a night with a friend of a friend just over the Idaho border in Moscow. Located near two 10,000 + student universities it was a last stop for us to get luxury items, which we certainly did. We picked up 100$ of groceries and amenities from the Moscow co-op, while Goody and Dan each bought ukaleles.

Some family friends from Potsdam used to live in Moscow and were able to hook us up with a back yard to crash in as well as a daughter to show is the town and teach us about Idaho. A late start today, but only 65 miles to ride. Tomorrow is Thompson's pass and Montana!

Thanks Ed and Kim for the networking!
And thanks Maryjo and Randy for the campsite!!

More from Montana and hopefully pictures soon!

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  1. Ditto on the thanks to Ed and Kim. I love it when friends of friends can be of help:) Ukuleles? Can't wait to hear your road band sound. How does it mesh with the recorder?