Monday, June 14, 2010

Colfax, WA 6/14/2010

Rolled into Colfax at about 1:30 pm pacific time, 70 miles so far today and everyone is feeling great. We're going to hang out in town for a few hours, fuel up, and stop by the post office. We may bike into Idaho today, depending on what everyone wants to do.

The last couple days since Orthello have been beautiful, the road from Orthello to Palouse Falls State Park was shrubland-steppe/prairie ecosystem, very sunny and hot. Besides wheat fields, most of the vegetation were small bushes, predominantly sagebrush, and a bit of grass. Almost looked like a desert. Not what I had expected in eastern Washington!

It was about 100 miles from vantage to the state park, and we got there at about 7:30pm, and stayed an extra day just to check out the park. The park was a huge gorge and waterfall with tons of unprotected easy accessable trails. We hiked down to the bottom of the falls through a crevasse and a very steep trail, and went swimming. An added plus, we found a someone's wallet and called him to return it last night. He drove in 70 miles to pick it up and brought us Ice Cream and Beer. Success! The library we're in right now does not have a card reader. But we will post some pictures as soon as we find them.

Morale is high and we are ready for Idaho and Montana.

Goin' to Montana soon!

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  1. These little stories, like finding the owner of a wallet and being treated to beer and ice cream, will make this trip wonderful! When I get sick of the news on TV or the radio, I'll just read this blog for the face to face stories of real people:) Thanks for sharing all!