Friday, June 18, 2010

reverse order, sorry.

riding down out of leavenworth with Atiyeh and Kruse (the girls) with us for the first time. Nice down hill ride with rapidly changing countryside
Those who are over 21 rewarded themselves after a long day over Steven's Pass

The mountains we just came through skirted Leavenworth. Beautiful

Rolling down off the pass at an easy pace with the thundering Wenatchee River on our right. Some of my favorite riding yet.

On the top of Steven's Pass after a nicely graded climb. Just over 4000 feet. I am posing smartly

As part of the continued effort to catch up on pictures and updates here are the pics from the top of Steven's Pass and the town of Leavenworth. I have already said a bit about Leavenworth and the generosity of Luke and Stephanie in an earlier post. Beautiful area and the ride out of there the next day was great. The landscape changed so dramatically and by the time we camped that night in Vantage, Washington we were in the dry Columbia River valley. This place had western movie written all over it. Pics to follow in the next post.

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