Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today was our rest day which consisted of bike maintenance and lots of eating. After a healthy brunch of fruit salad, lasagna, toast with jam, cheese bagels, grilled cheese sandwiches, and ice cream, we cleaned our bikes and dried out our wet gear in the sun. Next we travelled to the bike store to pick up some new supplies; it was quite a treat to ride without packed panniers. Afterwords we drove (crazy I know) to REI to pick up some gear to get us through the rainy and cold mountains that lie ahead. It was a great day to reorganize and repair.
For dinner Will helped us all make some dank risotto, which complemented the cheeseburgers and salad that the Foster's prepared. Mr. Dan and Robin Foster have been extraordinary hosts and the pictures that I posted earlier were masterfully captured by Dan. The last two days hear have been wonderful and hopefully our batteries are recharged for tomorrow's rainy ride. Carrie and Ashley made it up to Deception Falls today and will tackle Steven's Pass tomorrow. We will head our early tomorrow and if we feel it, we may try to tackle the 100+ miles up and over the pass into Leavenworth. We will see how the weather and our legs respond. Now I must return to my Tillamook Ice Cream and Black Butte Porter; the fuel of the transcontinental rider.


  1. Best of luck tackling the Pass. Stay warm!
    Thanks to your extraordinary hosts!


  2. And I was worried about you guys not getting enough to eat! Have a great trip through Stevens Pass.
    Mrs. G

  3. You look so happy and relaxed! I hope the rest of the way is filled with other such gracious and friendly folks!