Monday, June 7, 2010

Bike Troubles and more Pix

Our first views of the unbridled Pacific

First siesta point on our leisurely 70 mile ride up the coast toward Forks

The gang so far dips their bikes into the bosom of the PacificFORKS, OMG BELLA

OMG Goody's bike is not maintaining

What appeared to be a minor problem with Goody's chain has evolved to be a debilitating issue. While rolling into Port Angeles from our coastal bivy site, Goody's derailleur seized up breaking the chain (again) and bending the frame. Spirits remain high as it is yet early in the day and tomorrow is a planned rest day anyways. 80 minutes until the first bike shop opens when we can see how bad the damage is.

We came into Port Angeles last night soaking wet and thanks to 3 hours in a laudramat, slept dry and warm. A rainless morning complete with doughnuts and beef jerky leaves us here, in a coffee shop drinking espresso and hoping for the best.

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  1. Glad the bike was you think it will maintain?
    Loved the ocean view.....may the force be with you heading east:)