Sunday, June 6, 2010

Crescent Lake Lodge

Left our campsite at bogachiel state campground this morning and biked a quick 5 miles into Forks where we ate for about 2 hours. Probably a 4000 calorie breakfast each (about 2 big breakfasts per person plus pie). After this we got hooked up with only a small percentage of Forks' great TWILIGHT gear we wanted and got on the road around noon. It's been raining all night and all today and we are soaked. We've done about 50 miles so far and have about another 20 to go today. Luckily this lodge has hot drinks and a fireplace. We plan on staying at a hostel tonight in Port Angeles to get dry and get all the sand and dirt off of us. Tomorrow will be a 70 mile day vs. the planned 50 mile day. We will take the ferry to the mainland where we'll stay in Everett. We've all been keeping the D Simms deep in our thoughts these past couple days.


  1. Have a nice ride the rest of your trip today get warm and rest up. You all have had a great trip so far. Look forward to reading the Blogs. Have I nice day tomorrow on your trip to Everett. Enjoy.
    Joyce Goodrich

  2. Hey, Goody...I liked reading your post. Nice hearing your different voices. Warm up tonight in that hostel. Our day here in Potsdam was just like yours....54 degrees and rainy. Thanks for keeping us posted.