Monday, August 9, 2010

The Things They Carried-Dan

With the hope that our blog can become a useful resource for those who would like to embark on similar adventures, I present to you all the stuff that I carried on my bike and body

The essentials: Sierra Designs Arrow Rock 15 Degree 600 Fill Bag - Long with stuff sack, Thermarest Neoair Sleeping Pad-Long, Six Moon Designs-Lunar Duo 2 person tent with stakes and poles (I recommend all of these products)

Bodywear: longsleeve cycling jersey, short sleeve cycling jersey, dri fit running top, rain jacket, 2 cycling bibs, compression shorts, running shorts, quick dri pocketed shorts, 2 pair of dri-fit socks (not really used), bandanna, helmet, cycling shoes, and Teva Protons (amazing). Earlier in the trip I had a pair of wool socks, waterproof pants and two more tops, which were essential in the cold and rain but not for the hot summer days.
Other: Two rear panniers, bungee chords (essential), toiletry bag (toothbrush, contact stuff, etc), Orange Container with herbs and spices, tape (electrical is very useful), Noxema (more about that later), spare tubes, plastic bags of all shapes and sizes, zip ties, the stick muscle massager, frisbee, ukulele and case, map, books, writing pad, post cards and squirt gun
Noxema! so essential. We all used it as a chamois cream and for sunburn relief. Can't say enough about Noxema.

The front sack: body lube, chain lube, tennis ball (for rubbing out sore spots especially your butt), golf ball (for rolling out sore feet), allergy meds, headlamp, front light for bike, back light for bike, antibiotic cream, lip balm (so essential), a knife, 10 speed chain master link, patch kit, spoke wrench, tire levers, sunglasses

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