Monday, July 12, 2010

Together at last

Our group is at full strength now that we have rendezvoused with dad at Serpent River. The rest of the crew made the 100 mile ride from Sault St Marie in about 8 hours to arrive at the meeting point (a campground) in time to watch the world cup final on a 92 in TV. It was a game riddled with yellow cards and stoppage, but the ending was exciting and the best team got the win.

This morning we defended our tender flesh from a voracious march of mosquitoes like we had never seen. After the onslaught of mosquitoes we were forced to face a new barrage of logging trucks; our only defense being a 18-inch shoulder and steady hands. Fortunately we have left 17 (part of the trans-Canadian highway) and are now headed to Espanola on smaller roads through Mennonite country.

Swimming opportunities look plentiful as our journey nears Manitoulin Island. Another fortunate turn for our tour was a connection made with the sister of a family friend of ours in Potsdam who has a camp in Manitowning. We gave her a call last night and found out that she was not only at her camp, but was also willing to provide area knowledge and hospitality!

Dan is facing a two-fronted battle right now with the tail end (hopefully) of a head and chest cold, as well as a cracked wheel rim. A more restive few days is ahead along with a bike shop about 300 km away, both of which should aid in his fight. More later, including photos of what could turn out to be some of the most picturesque sections of our trip.


  1. I wish Dan well as he and his bike heal! Enjoy the road ahead. How fortunate I worked the book sale and ran into Hanneke and Roger! Yeah!

  2. Great to know you are all together. Feel better soon, and take good care with your cracked rim Dan! Congrats to all on how far you have travelled and thanks for the great updates and fantastic photos!