Friday, July 2, 2010

East Grand Forks, MN 7/2/2010

Happy July! We made it to the North Dakota- Minnesota border through some serious challenges. There wasn't a single easy day in ol' ND so we are all happy to be starting fresh with a new state. The bad head winds and side winds have persisted throughout the week which makes everyday harder than it should be. We biked the 32 miles into Grand Forks this morning battling 20-30 mph winds out of the south. Some of the stronger gusts would actually blow us into the road (safe?). Still, we made it and impressed yet another waitress with our ability to put away pounds of food. We might make today a short one to give ourselves a break from the wind. Will and Dan are watching the Ghana vs. Uruguay World Cup game in a bar somewhere while Aidan, Goody, and I are hitting up the public library. Maybe we will all catch a movie later.

Anyway, that's the update. Tomorrow we start a big push to get to Espanola, Ontario by the 12 of July to meet up with Will's Dad. Lots of miles to cover so maybe a rest day is well needed. Progress is being made! Peace and Love

P.S. Just wanted to share that I crashed front first into a foot deep pool of freshly poured concrete yesterday. My bike's front fork and frame got bent back a bit because of the force so Rhonda looks a little more squished than she used to. Still rides well though so I think it is only a problem of aesthetics. midget bike.


  1. Glad to hear you are doing ok after your mishap and no serious problems. Hope Minnesota is a much easier ride for you. I day of rest may be a good idea. What a great trip so far. Stay well.
    Mrs. G.

  2. It looks like much better winds can be expected on Sunday - and beyond, I hope. Don't forget those rest days, especially if there's an attraction nearby worth the visit. Happy 4th of July.