Monday, July 26, 2010

Adios from Obi and Aidan (with photos from our last short day)

the Jersey Shore, and the beginning of Aidan and I's last 20 miles of riding

Part of a big bridge was being pushed on a barge up the East River today. Some of you may have heard about this. It went right by our ferry!

The Manhattan bridge. We crossed this last night and went under it this morning. Shout out to Brooklyn!

The famous Brooklyn Bridge. We never got to cross it but we went under it this morning and got this sweet view.

Aidan and I got up early this morning to catch a ferry from Manhattan to Atlantic Highlands, NJ. We met my brother at Asbury Park where we got to do the last few hundred miles home in a car for a change. We made it safe and sound to good ol' Virginia. Looking forward to kicking it in the relative peace and comfort of home. Just wanted to say thank you to everybody who followed us, helped us, or even talked with us. This whole experience wouldn't be the same without you.

I hope we have inspired others to have similar adventures in this awesome country (or anywhere). Stay tuned on this site for useful information about what roads are good, where to camp, and maybe what to pack. We are planning on posting this info for the good of anybody who is inspired to do some touring.

With that, we bid you farewell for now. Peace and Love.

P.S. Thanks to DP, Goody, Wiley, David, Kruse, and Atiyeh for countless adventures and good times. I'll never forget it.

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