Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lawrence of Havre

About 40 miles out of Havre we began to be stalked by a small SUV. The vehicle kept passing us slowly while taking pictures, waiting for us to pass then doing it again. It turned out to be our next host, Lawrence and his friend Sheila. The photos turned out to be great (all the photos on this post are hers) and the hospitality was amazing. We sat down to a hour-plus meal of antelope, venison, freshly baked sourdough bread, curried game soup, home-made bean dip, veggies, guacamole, and fresh baked-goods!
Lawrence's joke-telling ability and contagious laugh kept spirits high despite a tough 100+ mile day in the saddle.

Goody and Aidan cruise, the "amber" waves of grain expanding to the horizon.

The whole crew
Dan getting out of his saddle, the Sweet Grass Hills in the background
Aidan and Peter frame the Sweet Grass Hills between their mighty steads
Lawrence makes an early impression in a bar he met us at with about 35 miles to go

The feast of Lawrence, the only thing better than the food were the stories, jokes, and uproarious laugh


  1. Terrific photos!

    Steve & Maureen & Alice

  2. Hey, every thing is pretty interesting. Zach, I don't know your friends but I am keeping track of you all. The photos are amazing. It must be neat to see the country in this way. Thumbs up to all your hosts. Love Aunt Janice